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Monday, March 2, 2015

This time last year... March 2014

          The month of March is a crazy busy time for my entire family. We tremble with anxiety every year with the approach of march. For the rest of the world it's the holidays but for us its march hahaha. So in march we have 6 birthdays and this year we're approaching the dirty thirties which makes it really action packed. This time last year we celebrated my boyfriend and son's birthday at Big Bear, California. It was a 2 for 1/ vacation included 3 for 1 trip haha. Hope that made sense. Anyway, it was the best time we've had so far. I definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting the palm springs area. It's about an hour away I believe,  but totes worth it. 

          All the march babies have to be included in a mass text to figure out who gets which weekend, and this year all the birthdays are evenly spread out enough. 

          I will post a mass blog of all the march birthday activities that happen this month. With everything we have going on, some distraction will be good for our emotional health. 

          Yes I brought my 4 dogs but this was the best pic of my baby and I (Charlotte). My pitbull was in the worst mood because she hates the cold. I had to wrap her in her own thick blanket along with her jacket and doggy blanket. She's quite the diva haha. 

          Omg. I mean really! Omg. You have no idea how afraid of heights I am! I cried like a baby! But I did it! Of course my son has absolutely no fear for adventures haha and said to me, "face your fears mom. C'mon you can do it". He got in ready to fly the thing himself! Haha. This was about 15 minutes from our campsite. 

          She loooooovvvvveeeeesssss the outdoors. When it's not freezing of course because then you'll hear her growl. Can you see how big their smiles are?! :D Oh let's not ignore that sassy pink jacket she's wearing ;D
          My favorite picture... They were so excited, happy, and relaxed.. It was our first time camping and it was quite the experience. Oh and you kknnooooowwwww we had s'mores honeeeeyyy.. 

Ok I was a little car sick... But my hair looked good! :D (cheeeeesssseeee)..

          How beautiful was our campsite... Our neighbors were cordial and nice. TIP: When camping you're sure to forget something. Be kind and share with your neighbors. Bring 2 of everything because you never know. (Omg yes I bought toilet seat covers. And guess what? We needed them! Ha!).

Thanks for Reading! With Love, 
Your Co-Mommy,Divapinks