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Friday, February 20, 2015

#TBT to the Indio Date Festival Feb.13

          What an awesome tradition we have if I do say so myself. Every year since I was a kid in a poor neighborhood,  the one thing I knew I could count on was the yearly date festival (the fair!). I love that I continue this tradition with my son. He's an only child so although he didn't have anyone to get on the rides with this year it didn't phase him too much. He found kids to befriend and make small talk with. This is an amazing place for families and because it only comes around once a year for a week it's even more exciting. Now that we go with my boyfriend of 2 years we have adopted a new tradition and that's the famous oversized, probably not healthy, protein overload, TURKEY LEG! Haha. This is the highlight for my son and boyfriend. I wish I could have vlogged it to show everyone but I'll give you a little appetizer with some pics lol. Because we were there on the first day before 1pm we entered for free. My son's unlimited ride bracelet was $25 and we spent a little less than $120 on the 3 of us for food, including the kettle corn I buy for my mom every year located in the kitty ride section. (She gets excited when we go too lol). If you want to know more about places and events that happen in the Coachella Valley, leave a comment below and let know! Thanks for reading! Your Co-Mommy, DivaPinks
Turkey Leg!! yum yum yum yum yum.

Trying to steal the spotlight lol.
Some girls were being rude so she shooed them 
all away and took a nice picture with my baby ;D
My son representing for Animal Samaritans while trying to stay cool.
(It was warmer than expected even for the desert lol)
Nice face son haha
Is it me or does he not look so sure?I was so scared to let him get 
on here because of his heart but I can't hold him back from living 
life to the fullest. I smiled then turned around almost passing out from fear.
He's such an animal lover! My little cutie patootie... :)