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Friday, May 22, 2015

My weekend. .

Where do I start really? Ok well its the weekend of my little sisters 18th birthday party and I'll share with you some of the pics I took this weekend. I was as sick as a dog this weekend and I realized I was sick last year almost to the day with the same exact thing (whats up with that?). Anyway it's Monday and I'm still sick but what can I do. I already went to the doctor so all I can do is take the meds and rest. (Yah right, Im working later for a couple of hours :/ Ok so here are the pics! Enjoy!

Of Course you can always count on the wind 
in our city to give you a great hair day no matter 
how much time you spent in the bathroom making it look just right...

I thought she hated pink? (But I loooovvveeee pink lol)

My feet couldn't take anymore... :(

No matter how old you are you can count on a mexican 
household to smash your face in your cake for your birthday. Even 
if you ARE turning 18 hahaha.

Best Mexican candy you can ask for! (Well there goes my diet grrrrr.)

Oh yah.. everyone was commenting on my weight loss
and how great I looked so of course I had to sneak in a pic lol.

AAAWWW Happy 18th birthday sister!!
Her cake said "Happy Birthday La Patrona"
(It means Happy Birthday Boss Lady in spanish haha)

Can you tell I look as good as I feel. No matter how
sick we feel, it is mandatory to be there for family even when your
sick... No really, she only turns 18 once and I was there when she was born so 
I had to be there when she turned 18. Overall this was a crazy and fun weekend.
I love my family!
There's the suitcase I bought her lol!! She said "what are you trying to give me a hint?! Hahaha!"