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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Our Engagement Story

          Life has been running faster than I could keep up with lately. I went from being a college student for 13 years and a single mom for many years as well to being newly engaged and living a completely different life. I mean I told him to wait until I finished school but I didn't think he would do right after I finished my last assignment haha. I'm so happy it's scaring me to the core. I mean after almost 5 years of dating and living together I knew I would say yes and it felt like the next natural step but I didn't expect to feel this alive and fulfilled. It's weird not having homework although I have to study for a couple of tests for my career and to get, well, hired. I thought uploading YouTube videos would be faster to help everyone keep up and follow along but we are so busy with planning it's crazy. Anyway, he proposed to me on the playground we met on when we were working with children. It was the day before my birthday so below you will see pics of the next day on my birthday. I scared him because I paused to take it in and as he was waiting for an answer, I was thinking of the day we met on that very playground. I finally yes! Did I mention my son was right there and once the shock weared off I naturally started to cry. See we have been preparing for this for a couple of years now through church couples counseling and understanding what it means to become husband and wife, and also seeing a therapist. I'm not into waiting until things break in order to fix them.. I would rather be proactive and say, "hey, I don't want to screw this up". I will be posting a ton on YouTube and here also. The next posts coming up will be 'how we asked the bridesmaids and groomsmen to be in our wedding', recent 'engagement getaways and why I think they're important', and the 'photos from the engagement party'. So stay tuned because I'm going to flood this page and my YouTube channel with tons of content!