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Friday, December 16, 2016

Pretty in Pearls ~ Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Pretty in Pearls
*Thanks to Pearl&Clasp for sponsoring this post. 

          If you've ever been to a wedding you know it's not polite to look better than the bride, or wear white for that matter haha. But if you're single you want to put your best classy self forward and what better way to give off that sexy classy vibe than a pair of pearl earrings. These freshwater pearl earrings I wore from Pearl&Clasp  are sure to impress. After all, aren't we all secretly wanting that prince charming on a white horse to ride off into the sunset with? Ok maybe I'm getting carried away, or maybe it's time to buy my boyfriend a white suit and a horse hahaha.

          I wore these for a full day which included taking photos in the desert heat, doing a cardio workout and sweating like crazy, and also going out that afternoon to run errands and get food. I can never wear earrings because I am extremely sensitive and I end up with really swollen ear lobes, so trust me I really put these to the test. I was pleasantly surprised that my ear lobes were perfectly fine and not swollen at all. I didn't have a reaction at all. I was so excited to be able to wear a nice pair of earrings. If you decide to buy a pair I can tell you the price won't break the bank. I chose to wear pink because, well, I'm obsessed with pink!

          Pearl earrings are made to be a statement. Anyone who has ever worn pearls emits a radiance of confidence. The best thing about pearl earrings is that it can fit any age. You can receive them as a little girl and wear them on your wedding day. Because they never get old! This also makes the perfect gift for any woman. I have to admit that I have always been a fan of wearing pearls since I was a child. It always made me think of Disney's Little Mermaid. I can't wait to wear these on a date night with my honey! It's time to bring classy and sassy back. (Cue the winky eyed emoji haha).

          I was so excited to have received these earrings and fulfill my secret love for pearls, but what I found to be even better than just putting them on is how they made me feel. I felt very feminine and girly (almost delicate), and the way my boyfriend looked at me all day was the greatest feeling. He gave me those (I can totally see you being my wife eyes). I would love to hear your thoughts on pearls, if you have any, and how they make you feel? As always, thanks for stopping by!

FYI: Pearl&Clasp also provides restringing services for your Pearls at an affordable price. 

This was my co-model for the day! His name is Hercules!
That smile was his approval of my loo haha.

I felt so pretty and feminine.. 

Close enough? haha

I felt like Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
I love her classic look.

See you next time!