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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Palm Springs Hiking Trails - Indian Canyons

          Hey there!, If you follow me on Snapchat, you know we lllooovvveee hiking. The Coachella Valley is a great place to do so much. You can give in to your inner city chick self, or your rugged hiking girl self. Here we are at the Indian Canyon Palm Springs Trails. I am all about finding my zen place any way I can, and I teach my family to stop and smell the roses and forget we need technology every minute (says the girl on snapchat non-stop haha). There is a small fee per person when entering, and they have a ton of trails to choose from when you get to the top. We first tried their smallest trail and then went on to the 7 sisters trail that took an eternity and almost gave us heat stroke, but hey! we reached the waterfall so that's all that mattered! Enjoy the pics below! 

Sincerely Your Co-Mommy, Divapinks

-Next time? Hiking at the La Quinta Trails for free!-
This was him stopping and thinking and taking everything in. Its ok to teach your kids to stop, meditate, and just breathe instead of trying to entertain them every second with over stimulation. 

Palm Springs Hiking Trails
This was only about 3 months after his heart surgery... How happy would you be to see your child this happy...

If a picture is worth a thousand words... There isn't enough space to write on here... Feeling extremely blessed... 

Yah I take my Starbucks hiking lol

Palm Springs hiking
My biggest phobia... Will this stop me? No! Because I love hiking too much! Bwahahaha. Are you loving the #snapchat caption as much as me? hahaha
Time to conquer the world baby...

Relaxin and chilaxin..

Palm Springs 
My humble little family... Cue cheesy mccheesy hahaha!

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