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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day after Christmas sale part 1!

So... Since I've been M.I.A. since my son's surgery, it's given me time to think. I love blogging dammit. I don't do it for the money (haha excuse me while I die of laughter thinking you can get paid for just writing your thoughts). This is my hobby, my therapy, my way out. Anyway I'll leave this for a later post. Now to the important part. DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE! I know I did it right because I can't walk today my feet hurt so bad. I'm going to detail where I got, and what I got that had me Christmas Wasted! Haha! Yes I said Christmas Wasted! I felt high on peppermint! Omg I'm laughing so hard. I have taken more time than ever to concentrate my energy in thanking god that my son is alive and well and I get to enjoy these things with him while he smiles and laughs and says, "oh mom". Anyway, I literally bought gifts and gift bags for next year! 12 months early! Who does that?! Oh yah, me... I want to be organized and clear so this is just a heads up that I'm getting back into sharing. I love blogging and this new year means a new me. I will concentrate on me and my family this year. If you're reading this stay tuned for some realness headed your way. I don't plan to hold back this time. Did I mention my boyfriend and I are still college students on a budget? My ultimate goal is to be a Special needs teacher and I'm currently in the credential program. (Also leaving this for another post). SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO...... DID YOU SHOP THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS?