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Friday, May 30, 2014

Week 1 training in my new life. ..

          I have so much to say about graduation that... it's almost overwhelming.. I left all my anger, regret, sadness, and bad memories on that stage. I made sure that I didn't fall because my legs were wobbling by walking steady and slow. I realize that when you move on into the future sometimes people are still living in the past. A place I once was. . A place where you have many saying "I'm not done but I'm still going", and where the struggle is still very much alive. ..where everyone is hustling everyday to get that extra money and find financial freedom... I start this new journey just like everyone else now... trying to apply for jobs like crazy...and having this weird feeling come over me because now I'm allowed to fill out the form knowing that at the moment of submission my degree is speaking for me...After 10 years I now have something that says I am someone and I am worth something. My son can hold his head high and strive to be where I've been and beyond. . I've never been so ready and sure of myself as I am now. I'm ready to show that I have a lot to offer this world....