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Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 Pre-Graduation Jitters

          So I'm graduating on Sunday and yes.... yes I'm nervous. . O__O Why would I be nervous? I mean it only took me 10 years to get here lol. If you know me you know I'm NEVER done. All my classes are done and I was able to get a job tutoring students after school. After Sunday I'll begin studying for the CBEST which is a California State required set of exams that when completed allow me to be a substitute teacher in any school in California. It will give me a chance to continue to REALLY provide for my son and keep up with his financial need to be in about a hundred extra curricular activities. Ultimately I'd like to be a middle school math teacher. If you knew where I came from you'd know that people raised like me don't make it this far. At least, that's what the expectation is... This is my time to really share what I've been through and let you know that if I did it so can you. The following is a list of blogs that will be posted as I continue on this journey.
-From a trailer, to a modeling contract in Beverly Hills, to a single mom. When you've been to the bottom you don't fear trying anything cause you know if you fail you'll just be back where you started and survived...
-Being a substitute teacher, being a graduate.
-Life as a single mom and how I managed to have the best of both worlds.
-And much, much more.....