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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Coconut butter?! By the spoon?!

          Ok! well here goes nothing!  Today was my first day trying coconut butter and I will admit that i cheated by adding it to my chia seed pudding haha. (BTW I'm blogging from the dentist chair. aaaahh! ) So the holistic doctor I just started seeing not that long ago, recommended I have coconut butter for breakfast, (always consult your doctor for advice), but also I have read that there are a ton of benefits.  I even sneaked it into my son's chia seed pudding this morning (ssshhhhh). I have attached a pic below I found on pinterest that gives a quick view of some of the benefits of coconut butter. My son and I have the same blood type and food sensitivities so I always ask my doctor and she let's me know what I can have him try. (Example: the coconut butter in his chia seed pudding he knows nothing about). If you have any suggestions on how to incorporate coconut butter into your diet or if you have experienced the benefits first hand I would love to hear it! Comment below or find me on
       Sincerely, Your Co-Mommy DivaPinks