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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Son Bragging Saturday

          I keep my son very very busy with after school adventures. He has always been in soccer,  baseball, art, and now piano and tae-kwon-do including critter camp and art camp which he received a scholarship for :') Ok so, sometimes it is possible to overload kids schedules a little bit.  I have always required that he choose at least one to two activities.  I want him to be social and independent and grab life by the horns honey! Well... my son may be a little too social because he sometimes makes adult friends and I have to remind him the dangers of the world and that it is only ok when I am around. Moving on... This summer he has art camp, critter camp, piano lessons,  and tae-kwon-do.  I never force him to take certain classes or be involved in certain activities. This is our mommy and me game plan.
-- If you start you have to finish. Quitting is not an option in this family and a decision to try something new must be thought out carefully.
-- If after finishing you realize you didn't enjoy it you may opt - out of signing up again and pick a new sport or activity.
I often see kids signed up for sports or activities that they just truly do not enjoy. I see them cry and look miserable and I'll ask sometimes if it's their first time and moms will tell me. -oh no its his 2nd or 3rd year or no he's just sensitive or a crybaby or that's why we keep bringing him so that he'll grow thick skin or toughen up.- Meanwhile I'm thinking if the kid is good at something else like being an artist the world and him are missing out. I have a son so most activities involve boys. Allow your children to try it all and ENCOURAGE THEM TO TRY NEW THINGS!  Not being scared to try new things is such an important skill to being a successful adult. I never put more on my son's plate than he can handle.  He's the one who says, "mom I want to sign up for this too" and my job is to make it happen. Granted if you don't have the money don't be afraid to ask if scholarships are available. There is so much respect (or should be) for moms who at least try. No one is perfect but as a loving mom I try my best. P.S. I'm that embarrassing mom that yells "good job baby!"  oh well... my intentions are good.
Have a wonderful Saturday and each one after today.
        Love, Your Co-Mommy,  DivaPinks