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Monday, January 27, 2014


(not my photo because it got deleted..sorry :/.. anyway, enjoy reading!

          Today is Monday Blog day and I will try my best to have a post written every Monday. This week I will show you my schedule.  We have a whiteboard that I purchased at wal-mart and I put it on the wall closest to the door and facing the kitchen entrance.  I like the board to be front and center so no one has any excuses ha-ha.  It does not have to be a whiteboard that you put up but maybe you can tape a paper with the week’s schedule on it.  My sister and I both have whiteboards and it helps keep the family connected.  If kids have a schedule and they know what to expect, anxiety levels can come way down. Having a calendar posted is also a great idea.  If your children are old enough to read and write they can write a message to you so, you can get to it when you can.  There are so many different types of moms out there from stay-at-home moms to working moms with crazy schedules. If your kids know, what to expect it will provide them with stability no matter what your schedule and you may notice a calming effect happen.  This is also providing them with great tools they can use in the future with time management, especially when they go off to college.  I will list examples below on how we use our whiteboard at home and I welcome ideas and comments.  My goal is to create a community of co-mommies where we work together to share tips and advice and provide our children with the best upbringing possible.  P.S. Whiteboard markers from the dollar store work great and you can get a whiteboard eraser or just use an old sock that doesn’t have a pair.  ;)

Using the whiteboard!!  :

-Honey-do list!!

This will prevent your honey from feeling as if you are always nagging him.  Make a list of things that need to be done and have him put a check mark next to the items done or better yet ERASE IT!

-Mom needs to sign it!

My son just puts up all of his papers that I need to sign on the whiteboard with a magnet and I usually get to it when everyone has gone to bed.  I quickly sign everything and put it back up.  His job is to take them signed and ready to go in the morning and put them in his backpack.

-Grocery list!

Don’t you just love when you go to pour a bowl of cereal and there is no milk!  Well writing on the board with different colors makes it fun for everyone so if there is something missing they usually write it on the board.


Yes, I am a mom, I attend college, and I cannot wait to be done!  As many college students can probably tell you, it feels like everyone is living their lives and you’re stuck in this time warp where you write papers and don’t go out and feel like your outfits took a permanent vacation stuck in the year you graduated high school.  It is so incredibly hard but if my son sees, I have a countdown he knows that I will be done soon and he feels involved. ;)

-Leave notes for your honey or kids to remind them you love them!